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The Subsetter And Multi-dimensional Batched Aggregation in Harmony (SAMBAH) chain executes several services:

  1. CMR Query: Retrieves information from the Common Metadata Repository (CMR) (source)
  2. PODAAC L2-Subsetter (optional): Performs subsetting on level-2 data granules (source)
  3. Batchee (optional): Groups together filenames so that further operations (such as concatenation) can be performed separately on each group of files (source)
  4. Stitchee (optional): Concatenates netCDF data along an existing dimension (source)
  5. PODAAC CONCISE (optional): Concatenates netCDF data along a newly created dimension (source)

Known Limitations

  • Panoply is unable to plot results when coordinate arrays contain null values on the edges.
  • Polygons and other Shapefile formats are not supported for subsetting. Support for this is in development.
  • A request for a single granule proceeds through the entire chain. Thus, the following modifications are made even though the data are not concatenated: (i) the filename is changed to the granule's collection ID + "_merged" and (ii) a history attribute is added.

Missions supported

The SAMBAH service chain is currently configured to work only with data collections from the Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO) mission.